Amalfi – Ravello (Italy)

25 - 31 May 2015

Executive Programme in International Sports Law


«Humani nihil a me alienum puto»… So wrote Publius Terentius Afer (also known, in English, as Terence - a roman poet and dramatist) and we may read on the wall of Villa Cimbrone, one of the most beautiful ancient Villas of Ravello, the charming city where the Executive Programme in International Sports Law took place. It was a wonderful experience! Not only professionally, because, as a Sports Law practitioner, I could learn from experts and discuss informally with them, under a practical overview, so many relevant and up-to-date sports legal issues; but also, from its human side, meaning the enriching opportunity to meet new people who, in one week (it's true, only one week), became friends. Like Terence said, as an human, nothing of this is strange to me, but is surely great! Thank you Michele and Salvatore!
Pedro Garcia Correia

It was an extraordinary experience, the professional side as well as the personal side of the programme. The professional side was conducted by people who are actually at this point in time practising within this field of law and I have learned alot from them as well as from the other participants, who is also practising within this field of law. The classes was presented in a very professional yet informal way and was in my opinion very personal. I am of the opinion that there exist no other programme or course in the world that this can be achieved in such a successful way as it was done in Ravello. A person gets to know other people on a personal level within a short period of time and thanks to you I wish to believe that I have made life long friends from all over the world. I personally recommend anybody to attend this programme as I truly belief one can only benefit from such a great course. I was furthermore speechless to say the very least at the astonishing landscape and buildings of the Amalfi coastline. The beers that they served in 1litre cups was also a very positive mark in my books. Thank you for this great opportunity/ privilege to have been part of this great programme.
Adv D.C. Jankowitz