In carrying out its mission to promote the awareness, understanding and good practice of Sports Law and Policy, the SLPC has developed an International network of strategic partners. These partnerships enable SLPC to optimise its programme development and to meet the specific needs of participants from different professions and Member States.

Who we are


The Sports Law and Policy Centre (SLPC) srls aims to:

1. Provide updated information in the field of Sports Law and Policy;

2. Contribute to the growing harmonization of legal and economic standards in the international community;

3. Promote an international understanding of new sports law issues;

4. Give the necessary insight to understand new trends;

5. Help to create networks of sports operators around the world.


The Sports Law and Policy Centre srls publishes books, articles and all relevant documentation relate to sport contract, Doping, Competition law, TV rights on sports events, EU law, Sports regulations, ADR.

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